Texas AG Exemption for Beekeepers! SAVE MONEY!!!!

If you have a minimum of 5-6 acres of land up to 20-21 acres of land in TEXAS, you NEED to know this information.  In Travis County you need 6 beehives on 5-20 acres and in some counties it’s 1 beehive per acre, but anyway you cut it, you can save thousands of dollars each year in property taxes AND have delicious raw honey and other hive products for your family and friends or to sell!  We can help you get started!  You must have the working beehives set up on your land by May 2014 to start claiming this year for a tax exemption.  

If you do NOT currently have an AG exemption, then you will need to prove 5 years of continuing agricultural use before you start seeing the reduction in taxes.  If you want to tend your own bees we can help!  If you want someone else to do the “dirty work”, maybe we can help there, too!  Call now and talk to Chuck to learn about your county’s rules and how to get started!