FIRST Saturdays of each month, we open EARLY just for YOU 🙂

11am-1pm – Texas Honey Bee Farm FREE OPEN HOUSE

(It's FREE! Just come by, see the bees, taste honey, etc. 11:00am-1:00pm

Every first Saturday, Texas Honey Bee Farm will open up the gate early to host the honey bee curious, beekeeper rookies, and all honey lovers.

Starting at 11 am,  11:40 am, and 12:20 pm a Bee Expert will lead you through our apiary on a hive walk and teach you some of the basic practices and ideas of beekeeping. See bees up close in live hives and watch how foragers return to colonies - knowing exactly which box is their home. Then have your questions ready for our beekeeper. Our Bee Experts have worked through thousands of colonies and can help you with your beekeeping questions. If you don't have a hive, you will have plenty to talk about. Bees are inspiring. Afterward, you will head to our beekeeping store and gift shop for a brief tour of beekeeping supplies. We saved the best for last - a honey tasting! Our shop offers local, exotic, whipped, infused, and creamed honeys. We are looking forward to sharing nature's sweetest gifts with you! Address: 9874 Wier Loop Circle; Austin, TX 78736

2019 Spring Class Schedule:

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Class 1: Beekeeping 101- Getting Started - 3 hours - $60

(Indoor class with powerpoint and displays; tour of bee yard; honey tasting, etc)

Are you thinking about becoming a beekeeper? Do you want to do your part to 'Save the Bees'? Does your garden need pollination? In this class we will teach you everything you need to know to get started in the exciting world of beekeeping. We provide hand on demo of equipment and tools needed, hive options, safety, bee biology and so much more! This is for the person who is thinking about how to get started and needs to know more. Class is mostly indoor instruction and includes apiary tour and honey tasting. - Approximately 3 hours  (if you are unsure if this class is right for you, just send me an email to) - CLICK HERE
Class is not suitable for young children, sorry.

Class 2: Beekeeping 201 - Colony Management - 3 hours - $60 

*Must have already taken class 1 or a beekeeping 101 class

This class is the second in our 3-part series on becoming a beekeeper. In this class you will learn bee management strategies so that you are ready to pick up your bees and begin your new hobby with confidence! We will demonstrate the various skills from hiving a package, feeding your colonies, how to recognize pests and diseases, preventing swarming and harvesting the honey. Every class includes an observation Hive Tour in the apiary and Honey Tasting!

Class 3: Beekeeping 301 - Hands-on in the Apiary - 3 hours - $150

*Must have already taken my two classes or a beekeeping 101 and 201 class with another bee school.

Working in the hives in full bee suit and gear. ( Wear closed-toed shoes; you can bring your own suit and equipment or borrow mine, must sign a waiver to participate)

Class 3 teaches you how to light/use your smoker effectively, how to inspect your frames and hives, how to recognize/treat for hives pests using organic treatments if needed. You will see and recognize all castes/stages of brood/bees, and hive products such as honey, propolis, royal jelly, pollen. This class is about taking care of your bees seasonally based on bee biology.  A lot of information gets presented in a short amount of time.

Class is not suitable for young children, sorry.  This is an advanced class, typically best for students that already have bees or know they will shortly. (with 0-2 years experience) You must have completed either my 101 and 201 or attended another Texas bee school class #1 and #2. (if you are unsure if this class is right for you, just send me an email to) - CLICK HERE

*Class date is dependent on weather for bees, must be over 65 degrees and under 95 degrees. – Taught by Tanya Phillips & Chuck Reburn (as needed to keep low ratio of students to instructors)


Tanya Phillips, Master Beekeeper, and Author of Beginning Beekeeping, Everything You Need to Make Your Hive Thrive!

Chuck Reburn, Master Beekeeper & Meade Making Instructor

Dodie Stillman, Master Beekeeper, President of Austin Area Beekeepers

All classes are taught in SW Austin at our home office, plenty of free parking. Air-conditioned/heated classroom and outdoor bee yard.  Address: 9874 Wier Loop Circle; Austin, TX 78736

Beekeeping 101 - Getting Started in Beekeeping - 3 Hours

Expert Entomology & Honey Bee Basics Class