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how_to_build_a_simple_top_bar_hive – by Phil Chandler (17″ top bars)

Chuck builds the Phil Chandler style hives, we have made a few modifications to fit our climate and style, but it’s very similar.
Our top bar nucs are built on 17″ bars and fit the Chandler style top bar hive.

How to build a top bar hiveLes Crowder (19″-20″ top bars)

This is a great top bar for a small budget and ease of building. But this top bar uses 20-inch bars and will not work with the nucs we sell. (beware)

Our Local Austin Bee Clubs:

Travis County Beekeepers Association
Meetings on the 1st Monday of each month.
7pm @ Zilker Botanical Gardens (free parking for meeting)

Austin Area Beekeepers Association
Meetings on the 3rd Monday of each month
7pm @


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