About Tanya & Chuck

Tanya Phillips, Master Beekeeper and Author of Beginning Beekeeping is the owner of Bee Friendly Austin, and she is a sideliner beekeeper in Central Texas managing approximately 350 colonies. Utilizing her BA in Education, she teaches classes at her apiary in SW Austin and sells raw honey and hive products in several boutique shops in Austin and surrounding Hill Country locations.  Her interest in bees started out of simple curiosity and grew to sharing her passion, knowledge, and skills with others through education, community outreach, fundraising for research development, and generating increased public awareness for her beloved bees. Her husband Chuck shares that passion and together they founded a nonprofit that hosts an annual ‘Tour de Hives’ event to help fund bee research and education. Their apiary has been featured in several film documentaries, TV episodes, editorials, and websites discussing the importance of bees to the global food supply and she is frequently asked to speak as an expert in beekeeping on radio programs and at public events.  As the founder of the Travis County Beekeepers Association, she served as board President from 2013-2016 and is a graduate of the first Master-Level Beekeeping Course with the University of Montana. Future plans include travel into third world countries to teach beekeeping skills to the local residents and to continue in her quest to help save the world, one bee at a time!

Chuck Reburn, Master Beekeeper and Mead Maker Extraordinaire has experience managing hundreds of hives in dozens of locations for the Bee Friendly Austin operation, their Agricultural Exemption clients and urban customers.  What started as a hobby and an idea to build and sell a little extra equipment to recoup expenses quickly grew from a pastime into a full-time job where a good portion of most weeks are spent working in hives.  Involved in every aspect of the business (honey bottling and marketing, nucs and queen production, equipment manufacturing and sales, speaking and publishing), Chuck enjoys taking on several special projects each year most recently producing foundation-less comb honey and making several award-winning meads.

If you need to lease bees, beekeepers, bee & beeswax products, or equipment for TV, film, commercial, advertising, art, or print work, please contact Tanya Phillips to discuss needs and availability.

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Featured Speaking Events/Vending

Armadillo Bazaar – Dec 13-24, 2018
South Texas Market Days – Dec 7-8, 2018
Joyeux Noel: A Christmas Affair – Nov 14-18, 2018
Texas Beekeepers Association Annual Convention – Nov 8-10th, 2018
Oklahoma State Fall Beekeepers Association Fall Conference – Oct 20, 2018
Hill Country Living + Rainwater Revival Festival – Oct 20, 2018
Brazos Valley Beekeepers Bee School – Sept 22, 2018
SW Austin Rise Up-2018 Rise For Climate – Sept 8, 2018
Texas Summer Clinic – June 30, 2018
Texas Summer Clinic – June 30, 2018


Tanya Phillips – Sideliner of the Year 2017 – Texas Beekeepers Association- TBA 2017
Tanya Phillips – First Place & Best Mead Overall – Texas Mead Competition – Fruit Mead – Berry Berry- TBA 2017
Tanya Phillips – First Place in Photography Close Up & Best in Non-Honey Overall – TBA 2017
Tanya Phillips – Sweepstakes Winner Overall – TBA 2017
Tanya Phillips – First Place in Extracted Honey Dark – TBA 2017
Tanya Phillips – Second Place in Extracted Honey Amber – TBA 2017
Tanya Phillips – Second Place in Wax Division – TBA 2017
Tanya Phillips – Third Place in Photography Scenic- TBA 2017
Tanya Phillips – Third Place in Photography Portrait- TBA 2017
Chuck Reburn – First Place Mead – Category Spiced – TBA 2017


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