NEW Store~ Honey, Beekeeping & Education. Everything is BEES!

Looking for Honey

Howdy! We are 6 weeks past our grand opening day and still having so much fun out here I just had to share it with everyone! Typically, when you think about a beekeeping store, you probably think of HONEY first, right? That’s awesome! YESSSsss we have lots of honeys, honeycomb, raw honey, local honey, creamed honey, honey from right here in Austin. We also have honey from other Texas locations.

Benefits of Raw Local Honey

Look up the benefits of honey!  Local, straight from the beekeeper and the beehive.  You are in for a sweet surprise. Raw honey is a great substitute for sugar in almost every recipe. Also, honey has surprising benefits for allergy sufferers who eat small amounts each day. In other words, it can strengthen the immune system and build resistance to pollen allergies. Come by our farm store and taste all the different types of honey we have on hand. Take a quick tour into the apiary (that’s another word for bee yard) and watch the honey bees in action!  They are collecting nectar, pollen, and water from the local area and bringing it back to their colony. We have a few colonies with viewing windows into the hives.  Watch the bees bringing resources back into the honeycomb. It’s great fun and educational for the whole family!

Shopping for Bee Bling

Honey is not the only thing we have in our beekeeping store. You don’t have to be a beekeeper to shop here. We have something for everyone, including YOU! There is more ‘bee bling’ here than you have ever seen in one place. We have t-shirts, hats, jewelry, socks, baby clothes, dishes, towels, pictures, lamps, books, soaps, lotions, beeswax, candles, honey spoons, candies, cookies, energy bars, and so much more.

Beekeeper Education Course

Want to become a beekeeper?  We have the perfect education course to get you started. After that, you may really enjoy a hands-on training opportunity to get you up close and personal with the honey bees. Check out our schedule of classes at our education link or on our calendar for details!

Beekeeping Supplies & Equipment

If you do happen to be a beekeeper, we have everything you need to keep bees in our equipment line. Brood boxes, honey supers, frames, complete hives, bee suits, veils, gloves, tools, smokers, excluders, top bar hives, and more. Everything is assembled, painted and ready to use! We also offer consulting with your beehives.  For instance, we can help you set up your bee yard for AG exemptions, pollination, or just pure enjoyment.

Mite Resistant Bee Stock

Last, but not least, we have BEES. We sell packages, nucs, and full-strength colonies. You will want to PRE-ORDER the bees from our website. Don’t wait too long, we always sell out! To order bees please go tor All bees must be picked up in person in Austin TX

Fun Tour for the Whole Family

As you can see, we have lots to see and experience here at Texas Honey Bee Farm.  Honey, Beekeeping & Education for everyone! Please stop by soon and enjoy a visit with the beekeepers and the bees who bring you the best tasting honey in Central Texas!