It’s RAINING BEES, Hallelujah, it’s Raining Bees!

So, I went out to check up on the new swarm we caught yesterday and they were SERIOUSLY all bearded on the outside of their little hive!  So I took a photo and called my husband to let him know.  When he got home from work and walked over, the were GONE!!!!  So he came and told me to go check trees!  I went out and they were up about 12 feet high in the little oak right above their beehive.  SO we nabbed them again and this time we put them into a Langstroth hive instead of the top bar AND we did it as a newspaper combine with another hive we have  that we think is smaller and queenless.  They were fanning and telling all their girlfriends to join them in the new hive, so we think we got the queen again!  More laterz! Tee