2015 – Fall Classes Bee-Ginning in OCTOBER!

It’s that time again!  Time to order your bees, get your bee yard ready, paint your hive boxes, lets get ready for a NEW SPRING of bees!

If you want to know what it will take to become a beekeeper, your class is coming up on October 16th or 23rd (2015).  A 2-3 hour intro class on everything you need to know to get started with beekeeping.  How much of a time commitment?  How much space do you need?  How to get that AG exemption if you have 6-20 acres?  Get all your basic questions answered and see what kinds of equipment you can choose from.

If you have already taken a beginner class or already have bees and need some hands on experience to expand and improve your skills, learn how to spot a queen more easily, get familiar with hive managment skills, compare your bees to someone elses.  Then Class 2 is for you!  The next classes in October will be on Sunday Oct 18th or Oct 25th.  Now that the weather will be cooling down we can go back into learning mode!

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Tanya Phillips, Journeyman Beekeeper