2016 Class Schedule ONLINE NOW! :)

We have some new classes on the menu and another instructor here at Bee Friendly Austin!

Les Crowder is offering 4 different classes this Spring with varying dates, so sign up now!

I also have my 2 classes posted through April.  We have to wait till its good and warm to do the hands on classes, so please be patient.

I will add more classes in February and March if it’s gets warm enough, but I have a feeling Winter isn’t quite over yet, so I am waiting a bit.

All the classes are are posted on the schedule of classes and visable on the calendar, so go check them out.

To sign up for my classes, go into the “shop now” page under classes.  For Les’ classes, he has a link below the dates he is offering the classes.  The link takes you into his square page.

Thats it! See you soon!

Tanya & Les