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4 foot Top Bar Hive with cedar body, treated lumber for legs, solid bottom board with 2 screened vent holes at one end, lightweight aluminum flat telescoping lid, (32) 17″ cedar 1- 3/8″ single pc top bars + extra shims, and 5 corked entrance holes.

Ready to go for your package bees, swarms, or top bar nucs!!!!

Top Bar hives must be PRE-ORDERED as they take longer to build out, please send us an email or a text to pre-order.  Hives must be picked up in SW Austin, in person.

Having an observation window is one of biggest benefits of a top bar hive!  It is SO worth it to be able to peak in on the bees and check them really quick, esp in the winter when you can’t open the hive if it’s too cold. 🙂